American Dreams Builders 

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"Your Dreams Are Our Mission"

Most Americans work their entire lives, day, and night, to afford a home.  Owning a home is only a dream to many.  Once your dream comes true, protecting it becomes a priority.  Maintaining a home can become costly, time consuming and truly difficult when you aren’t familiar with the construction world.
Many homeowners become overwhelmed when their lifelong dream is at risk.  It is nearly impossible to deal with insurance carriers, pick contractors and deal with city ordinances while also taking care of life.  This leaves some of us feeling stressed that we hold the responsibility of ensuring the restoration of our home is successful.

Our mission is to see your dreams come true and lessen the workload and stress if we can.

About Us

Whether or not it is weather related. 

No matter the product you choose. 

We can and will restore your property.

Let us take the stress! 

Our team has been in the construction business for over a decade.  We are confident that working with us will not only ensure the restoration of your home is successful but will also keep your head on your shoulders throughout the process. 

We know that owning a home is a serious accomplishment and we want the dream you worked so hard for to be restored.

What Do We Do?

Residential Restoration

No matter what restorations you are dreaming of, we can make it happen. 
We restore residential properties inside and out.   
why Do We Do IT?

We Want to Make Your Dreams Come True Without the Stress.

There is no dream too big
You tell us what you want, and we make it happen.  Our team strives to find affordable ways to make your dreams a reality.

7% of all profits are donated to our non-profit organization, Reviving One Nation Under GOD.  This public charity is working with the homeless community to restore faith in God through his great works and assist in getting them on a more righteous path.